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In order to establish artistic partnerships in Monaco, Monika Bacardi (visitez ici) participates in the Monaco Project for the Arts, an organisation that supports the University of Plastic Arts. A desire to encourage the success of young film-makers was one of the justifications for her founding AMBI Pictures, in conjunction with her passion for "The Seventh Art". Monika Bacardi is an ardent supporter of Amis de l'Opera, which has assisted l'Opera de Monte Carlo for more than thirty years.

The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation is something for which (and alongside with) Monika Bacardi has participated in several projects. Ecological-durability is one of the numerous humanitarian concerns in which Lady Bacardi is involved. Monaco's cultural and humanitarian issues are areas that Monika is greatly involved in. She is an active supporter of the H.S.H. Prince Albert II Foundation. Promoting green thinking is a major part of Monika Bacardi's modus operandi, which is the reason that she assists the H.S.H. Prince Albert II Foundation.

The AMBI Group aspires to succeed in being a central supplier of popular motion pictures for studios and large distributors worldwide. Her 'PHOTO' brand for photographers and artists is something around which Monika Bacardi strives to generate services, offering career guidance while establishing connections with foreign purchasers. On a yearly basis, she tries to complete between 8 and 10 motion pictures. These range from in-house to third party creations and are achieved by using the AMBI Group. The management of 'PHOTO' magazine and AMBI Group occupy the majority of Monika Bacardi's work life.

Monika Bacardi - Contributor to Associative, Cinematic and Cultural Movements

The worldwide marketplace has benefited from an excellent list of movies that have been produced by Andrea Iervolino and herself, subsequent to their launching of AMBI Pictures. Her husband ran the Bacardi enterprise for 40 years before passing away in 2005. Since then, Monika Bacardi has revealed an impressive business acumen. Monika Bacardi spends much of her time in the United States and various parts of Europe, but she lives in Monaco, where she is very well known and has a high profile.

Biography, Activities, Personal History, Interests

Lady of Bayfield Hall is the name that Monika Bacardi inherited, subsequent to her marriage into the Bacardi family. Monika Bacardi resides in Monaco these days; she has been a resident there for over two decades. She is originally from Italy. Having developed a keen interest in art and philanthropy, she learned about arts and literature there. Owing to her love of cinema, she set up AMBI group (a company specialising in cinematography located in Europe) in 2013.

Monika Bacardi has always had empathy for mankind, which drives her benevolent passions. Encouraging many community charitable entities, she assists in raising money to support causes relevant to social concerns that are of great importance to her. Gabrielle's Angel Foundation for Cancer Research is a cancer-related charitable organisation that Monika champions, as well as Fondation AVEC and Ecoute Cancer Réconfort. Monaco’s cultural and charity movements are things in which Monika Bacardi is very involved.